Sleepy Jeans Training Pants 3 Midi 34 Pieces (4-9 Kg)

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Sleepy Jeans is the next generation of training pants! Easy to pull up and down and don’t require any fastening.

These Jean style nappies for toddlers are hypoallergenic, soft and absolutely breathable.

Integrated with the world's first and only 3-in-1 Quadro system:

  • ● Soft fibers woven by distilled water give comfort and softness inside and out.
  • ● Improved absorbent layer made from Natural Bamboo extracted fibres; and
  • ● Organic cotton fibers that improve dryness performance.

Outfit your child in stylish fashion, without having to worry about sensitive skin irritants while also providing total coverage whether they’re sitting down or standing tall on their own two feet!

Sleepy Jeans come with a Wetness Indicator and flexible ears.

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Sleepy Natural Daipers

Wetness Indicator | Sleepy Malaysia

Wetness Indicator

It changes colour according to the amount of use of the diaper, allowing you to understand the fullness of the diaper without opening your baby’s diaper.

Touched With Pure Water | Sleepy Malaysia

Touched With Pure Water

Enjoy the unique softness thanks to the outer surface woven with pure water.

Natural Bamboo | Sleepy Malaysia

Natural Bamboo

Natural absorbency thanks to fibers obtained from natural bamboo.

Organic Cotton | Sleepy Malaysia

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton fibers that increase dryness for your baby’s sensitive skin.

Sleepy Jeans Diaper | Sleepy Malaysia
Flexible Ears | Sleepy Malaysia

Flexible Ears

Thanks to the flexible ears that provide air flow, your baby is more comfortable!

Textile Textured Front Tape | Sleepy Malaysia

Textile Textured Front Tape

Textile-textures front band prevents stiffness in the belly area due to its soft texture.

Paraben, Perfume, Lotion & Colourant-free Inner Surface | Sleepy Malaysia

Paraben, Perfume, Lotion & Colourant-free Inner Surface

For a purer touch to your baby’s sensitive skin.

Absorbent Particles | Sleepy Malaysia

Absorbent Particles

Absorbent particles provide comfort to your baby by being completely wrapped with fabric structure horizontally and vertically against scattering and separation.

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